Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Drunkard's Path

Oh oh ... no entry since Labour Day.  This blog is dedicated to Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind of Wonderful.  She gave me a few digs about my blog not being updated when I saw her at market.  Still took me a while, but here is my latest.

I purchased a new Drunkard's Path die for my AccuCut Studio machine.  I have always loved this block but hated all the cutting ... takes forever, and ever.  Once the die arrived, I couldn't wait to start something.  We (The Quilting Bee) had just received a new civil war line from Moda called Metropolitan Fair.  Love it!  Civil war fabrics are my all time favourite but I love lots of other fabrics too.  This machine takes all the work of cutting completely away, my gosh ... I had so many pieces in so little time, it was amazing. 

I know a lot of people are afraid of sewing curves but it is really quite easy.  I do these blocks without using pins.  This method works well when sewing any of the Sew Kind of Wonderful blocks (Quick Curve Ruler).  Below is the video I learned from.  It features Eliza Wilson from Eliza's Backporch.  She is amazing and I have made quite a few quilts using her designs. 

This is one of Eliza's designs that I made called "Earl Grey".  It is pictured here hanging in our store (previous location).  It is made entirely of drunkard's path blocks and I used no pins until putting the rows together.

My design wall.  Once I got on a roll, these four inch blocks sewed up sew quickly.  I had chains ten feet long.

Mitred borders were called for since it was a border print.

I had so many blocks I ended up with two lap quilts (Christmas presents) and enough to get a good start on another.  Hopefully, I can get these babies quilted this week.

The Quilting Bee will be offering a free class to learn how to sew the drunkard's path block without pins provided you purchase fabric to make a quilt.  We will also cut your fabric for you using our die cut machine.